What Happens After The Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy also known as endodontic treatment is a management of a tooth that is badly affected or has decayed. The procedure/treatment helps to eliminate the infection and protect the tooth from any invasion of the microbial in the future.

When Is The Treatment Required

Most patients would never encounter any of their teeth extracted if they took courage and visit a dentist to do a checkup. In our clinic, we recommend everyone to adopt a routine to have their teeth checked so as to curb any disease or condition warranting some attention early to avoid late intervention. Some of those last minute rushes end up to the final requirement of an “extract”. Root canal therapy is one effective method that has advanced so much now and saved millions of their precious teeth.

Root Canal Therapy is required when a tooth is deeply infected. Most of those infections happen in the pulp inside the tooth by a bacterium. It could happen through:

  1. Injury
  2. Crack (may happen after eating a hard bone or chewing a stone mistakenly)
  3. Severe infection

If proper precaution is not taken on time, the last stage which is taken to salvage your mouth and to avoid the spread of the bacteria is tooth removal. In that case, positive oral health care plan is all you need to keep your smile healthy.


  • The Procedure Of a Root Canal Therapy

    The whole process of involved in Root Canal Therapy takes two days visit to a dentist and your tooth gets safe from the bacteria. It takes around 4 stages.

    • First, you are injected with a local anesthesia to numb the tooth so as the procedure may begin also helping you relax.
    • The proceeding procedure is to use some dentistry tools, drill the tooth so as to create an opening on the top part. The dentist will then use files to cleanse, repair and treat with a solution which prevents any further spread of bacterias.
    • The third stage is to let the opening dry completely and then a filling is put which is temporary waiting to be covered with a crown.
    • This is the fourth and the last stage of Root Canal Therapy which will involve placement of a permanent crown and happens after a few weeks have passed since the filling insert was applied.

    What Happens After The Root Canal Therapy

    Now that your tooth is out of danger zone, it is time to embrace all oral health care methods you have been taught by the dentist in order to avoid such a dental requirement done again to your other teeth as well. So, you are supposed to avoid:

    • Chewing hard stuffs that are cold
    • Brush your teeth normally and regularly
    • Avoid eating too much sugary food
    • Create a routine when to visit a dentist
    • Maintain good oral health approach to maintain your teeth

    Root Canal Therapy is a method used to destroy bacteria from causing havoc to your teeth, and to put to an end to decay and tooth removal from severe infections. With that in mind, it is good to note every tooth that experiences Root Canal procedure can last for a lifetime if proper care is taken.